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How to register pesticides in NSW,Australia

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Nowadays more and more foreign companies want to explort pesticide to Australia, such as Agrochina Group, but we need to know the register Policy of Australia first.

Pesticide products sold in Australia must be approved and registered by the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA). Before registering a product, the APVMA is required to conduct an assessment of the potential impacts of the pesticide on the environment, human health and trade, and of the likely effectiveness of the pesticide for its proposed uses. When a pesticide contains an active constituent not previously used in Australia, the APVMA must seek public comment before registering the product.

The APVMA's Chemical Review Program reviews the registration of existing pesticides to determine whether changes are necessary to the registration or the registration should be withdrawn. The APVMA invites the public to make submissions on existing pesticides, and these submissions are considered as part of the review.

Only registered pesticides can be used in NSW, unless the APVMA grants approval for use under a permit. Registration includes approval of label directions for each pesticide product. Label directions specify how, and under what circumstances, the pesticide may be used to treat the relevant target pest or pests. Labels also give directions on clean-up, storage and disposal, and personal and environmental safety. After registration, the APVMA regulates pesticides up to and including the point of retail sale. Once sold, pesticides are regulated by each state's control-of-use legislation.

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