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Create an energetic team in nature

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The same piece of iron that can be melted, saw and defeated, that can also be tempered into a steel. The same team that can get no achievement, that can also achieve great accomplishments. In order to improve the ability of teamwork, more than 150 employees in our company went to Tianchi of west Zhejiang for the expand training activities in 2013-11-08. Expand training is an added value training process which shape the team energy and promote the team growing. Expand training is also a set of outdoor experiential simulation training which is designed to meet the needs of modern team building.
Before the official opening, firstly, the coach created a team atmosphere and built mutual trust basis through a series of cheerful activities. Then under the guidance of the coach, all the staff is divided into 12 teams. Team success is the foundation of personal success. Personal success must be based on the joint efforts and supports of other team members. Three teams had comparable strengths and weaknesses. We not for win, but for what we achieved and what we learned. Thinking what obstacle was brought to our works by the previous working way and behavior patterns. Considering what impact was brought to the execution by the communicating distortion.
Though the expand training, each team see the advantages and disadvantages of their group. At the same time they felt the importance of cooperation and communication which laid a good foundation for future work. Colleagues learned in the practice, changed in the experience learn, they achieved a lot and got more insights on life. Each one deeply felt the idea of “speed, energetic, sharing, dedicating ” and responsibilities as a member of a team in experiencing the joy of success which brought by dedication, collaboration and courage. At that moment, under the high pressure of works, closing to nature, feeling the nature, flying mind, promoting working effect, promoting working enthusiasm and motivation in order to provide a solid foundation for the company's humanities building and sustainable development.


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