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Famous Fungicide: Azoxystrobin

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Azoxystrobin is discovered in 1988 and developed by Syngenta with the first trade name AMISTAR®. AMISTAR was first launched in Europe in 1996: it was the fastest development track ever in the crop protection industry. AMISTAR became a fungicide world leader in less than three years, a position that it continues to enjoy today.

The active ingredient, azoxystrobin, belongs to a new class of fungicides named strobilurins: this new class possesses a new mode of action, which inhibits mitochondrial respiration in fungi, stopping their energy supply. AMISTAR is unique in that it is active on all four classes of fungi that attack crops.
The broad-spectrum fungicide ideally suited for use in IPM programs, which delivers consistent yield and quality benefits

AMISTAR has a unique safety profile. During the registration process, it was the first time that the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) allowed any compound through the fast track classification process, designed specifically for compounds that can prove that they have an additional safety element.
AMISTAR fits into Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programs due to its favorable ecological profile.

AMISTAR is registered for use on more than 80 crops in 85 countries worldwide. Today, farmers use AMISTAR for fungal control in cereals such as wheat and barley as well as in vines, fruits, vegetables, bananas, rice, soya beans, turf and ornamentals.

AMISTAR delivers yield and quality benefits to the growers. Whether on wheat, barley, beans, potatoes, mangos, rice or soya, AMISTAR consistently delivers higher yield and/or quality benefits compared to best standards. Improved performance is visible in the size and calibration of the cereal grains as well as in the general aspect of the fruit, vegetables and crops.

Now the patent of Azoxystrobin in China is expired in 2010 so in China enterprises have the good opportunity to develop azoxystrobin. But still Syngenta owned patents of azoxystron in EU, US or other countries.

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