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China to tackle 22 high toxic pesticides

Date:2011-8-9   Hits:

Last week, Chinese Ministry of Agriculture (MOA) has submitted a proposed to the State Council on attempt to phase out 10 high toxic pesticides by the end of 2011. The MOA noted that 22 high toxic pesticides are currently being used in the market, which threaten food security in China.

According to the MOA, there are 400 related manufacturers and 900 registrations of these pesticides been approved by the authority. At present, total capacity of these hijgh toxic pesiticide products in China is 104,000 tons per year and annual output is as much as 50,000 tons, approximately 2.5% of total pesticide output.

The MOA proposed:
Immediate stop accepting all the related new application of the 22 high toxic pesticides;
To cancel the tolerance of omethoate and isocarbophos on citrus crop;
To cancel the registration of methomyl on citrus, apple, tea, cruciferous vegetables;
To cancel the registration of cadusafos on citrus and cucumber;
To cancel the registration of endosulfan on apple and tea;
To cancel the registration of methyl bromide on strawberry and cucumber;
To cancel all the registration and production licenses of fenamiphos, fonofos, phosfolan-methyl, calcium phosphide, magnesium phosphide, zinc phosphide, cadusafos, coumaphos, sulfotep and terbufos by 31st October 2011 and ban their marketing and usage by 31st October 2013.

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