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New Zealand mulls to import rodenticides

Date:2012-10-2   Hits:

The New Zealand EPA is calling for submission on an application form Liphatech SAS to import three types of pest baits containing difethialone for use as rodenticides in and around agricultural, commercial, domestic, industrial and public service building.

Difethialone is an anticoagulant toxin that affects blood clotting.

The application states the baits, which are colored blue so as not to attract birds and other non-target species, and contain a bittering agent as human taste detergent, would be sold in a range of pack sizes and forms for retail sale to general public and in larger pack sizes to the commercial user/pest controller.

In the US, products containing second-generation anti-coagulants including diethialone must be sold in small pack size (less than 500g) to protect children from accidental exposure and reduce the risk of accidental poisoning of pest and wildlife.

The application states that difethialone is present at a very low concentration in the baits (0.0025%, w/w) but is effective as a single feed rodenticide. Rodents are expected to die within 3 to 5 days after eating the palatable bait. Submission close to Wednesday 21 November 2012.

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