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Build Core Competitiveness in AgroChina—Integrated Foreign Trade Marketing

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These years of rapid development experience in AgroChina tells us the main driving force to stimulate development of company is foreign sales growth. As company grows and foreign sales increase, foreign trade also shifts from relying on individuals to reply more on the strength of the team. The next step of AgroChina development requires us we attach great importance to integrated foreign trade marketing, passive to be initiative and be more active to open new marke.

The meaning of integrated marketing to AgroChina: the use of integrated marketing can be more effective and rational to enterprise resource allocation, optimize enterprise combination and improve economic efficiency. Multi-channel of advertisement, more extensive contact with oversea buyers will effectively add our company’s exposure to oversea buyers and increase clients’ inquiries. Another important benefit is to reduce dependence on third-party platform like Alibaba or Made-in-China, in that case, AgroChina will have our own self-promotion right except for the help of third-party platform. By establishing our own marketing-oriented with our unique online fixed assets to engage AgroChina’s e-commerce continuous promotion and form marketing asset accumulation.

In order to comply with company future development strategic plan and build core competitiveness in AgoChina—integrated foreign trade marketing, in 2013 AgroChina will set up a new department—Market Center to improve company’s 5 following abilities:
1. Establishing the marketing system in the core of AgroChina platform to realize marketing channels of self-mastery and control.
2. Integrating all marketing channels, aggregating effects and enhancing marketing effectiveness competition threshold.
3. Based on customer-oriented marketing and service idea, effectively integrate foreign trade resources and maximize the conversion rate of order.
4. Integrating multi-channels to carry out data analysis and research and provide basis for decision making with enterprise’s marketing and development.
5. Strength the analysis to key customers and key markets, take fully advantage of principal 20% to 80% to develop key customers in key markets.

Nowadays, a vast majority of domestic foreign trade companies have established their own website, with the hope to enter into business with foreign customers through the internet, and can readily conduct business with foreign customers, or the access to international market trends and other information. In fact, a considerable number of companies do but only send or receive e-mails through internet, investment on it and achievements are few on carrying out online marketing, the reason is the company does not attach much importance to integrated marketing, lack of professional staff for continuous tracking and needs sustaining work on data analysis.

However, internet played a significant role in our company--AgroChina, but there are still some points are not satisfactory:
1. Marketing channels are not distinct enough, so not really formed;
2. We thought customers can be easily found through website construction and promotion, in this way, we are too passive on marketing;
3. In before network marketing, we attached great importance to data but ignored the data re-analysis, thereby lack of focus on important customers and markets in-depth analysis.

By establishing the marketing department, we aim to enhance integrated marketing capabilities so as to solve the problems mentioned above. Because integrated marketing is a set of system which can simply be divided into online marketing and offline marketing. From the methods, however, it can be subdivided into: the enterprise’s own web platform optimization and building, search engine marketing, blog marketing, email marketing, B2B marketing, database marketing, exhibition marketing, traditional media marketing, yellow pages and other marketing tools.

We firmly believe that AgroChina Group’s development will open a new chapter as we keep learning and innovation in the development process, continuous optimization of organizational structure, managerial personnel improvement by learning, talent attracting, and shift from traditional passive marketing to active marketing.

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