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Quality Control

AgroChina International always adheres to the principle of Quality First and have a strict inspection and quality control of agrochemical products. Since we love nature and crops, we commit to the career and are responsible for every client and terminal consumer.

1. Our QC department supervises the whole process of production in the factory and status of subpackage and controls the quality of the products strictly.

(1) Setting an annual (or quarterly, monthly) quality goal, quantify the index and collect the specific executing situation.

(2) According to AQL standard, to calculate the defective reference value rigorously and gather statics on quality in all the links such as purchasing qualified rate, one-time off-line qualified rate of the producing process, qualified rate of finished goods inspection, qualified rate of shipment inspection.

(3) Our company has individual Research and Development center, which is located in Cao He jing Development Zone in Shanghai and occupies 1500 square meters. At present, the R&D center has mainly set up a formulation development center and a quality supervision center, which are responsible for improvement and development of the agrochemical formulations and inspect the quality of agrochemical products. It is expected that a new agrochemical varieties development center will be established in the coming two years, which will realize the development of new agrochemical varieties and are committed to building a first-class national laboratory.

2. The Process of QC

Before each delivery, we would do the following inspecting processes: warehouse-in inspection of raw materials, sampling inspection of finished goods from reacting mixing equipments, all-process monitoring of the producing process by our quality checker (QC) resided in the factory, sampling the goods at subpackage site according to AQL standard and submitting sample to our Shanghai laboratory for test and entrust the third party--Shanghai Pesticide Research Institute (China most authoritative chemical inspection Institution) with the analysis of the products, meanwhile sending to SGS at the demand of clients for second inspection and analysis, finally issuing corresponding inspection report. Thus, the whole inspection process guarantees the reliability of product quality. We are responsible for dealing with the complaints from our customers and coordinating rework to make sure every customer satisfied.

3. In order to avoid any damage of the goods during shipment, warehouse checkers of our lab will re-examine them in the warehouse after the products arrive at Shanghai warehouse. Collecting the sample and record the relevant information and submitting to our laboratory for second test on the stability of physical and chemical property. Goods can only be delivered after passing the examination.

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